Research & Development

Sinwa is able to develop new products through its R & D department.Our R & D team will be dedicated to the design of all toolings.Whenever our customers provide us with drawings or samples of their own products, our engineers will actively listen to customers' opinions,and send the completed samples to our customers for confirmation and testing in the fastest way, to ensure that all details fully meet customers'  requirements and listen to customers' feedback carefully.
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Raw Material
How to ensure the performance of raw materials, is a problem that one supplier must solve. To ensure that raw materials meet customers' requirements,we always insist on choosing reliable steel suppliers.Hence our customers will get the material certificate after the order is deliveried.
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Heat Treatment
You must care about their flexibility and strength for some products.Hardening & Tempering are very important processing procedures,we will choose the right way to strengthen their hardness and toughness. Our QC staff certainly will fulfill the testings in our laboratory.
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Surface Finishes
Sinwa offers a series of finishes including Self Colour, Zinc Plated,Galvanized, Powder Coating, Dacromet & Geomet.